Monday, May 21, 2012


Raining   and cold  this morning ;  as early as 8 am  she  was there again wearing  trasparent  cloths, standing   under  her umbrella near the  bridge ……. I wonder !! ……. It is  a pity 

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charles.ibix said...

Owere George Omo Iduhon ‎@,,,, Charles Okey Chukwubike,those are your sister,what are they doing near the bridge?
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Owere George Omo Iduhon ‎@,,, Engr Ericmoore Ikegwuonu, how you doing, hope all is well? Che vuoi dire, Due vergogna a noi?
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Charles Okey Chukwubike ‎Owere George Omo Iduhon How do you know they are my sisters? Probably yes, but I didn’t know I have blonde sisters with blue eyes, however everything is possible. Those who know where I work some days of the week know the bridge and know those under it.
The picture you are interpreting was from the internet; (I did not take it) . Just used it to introduce and bring to light the sufferings and exploitations of OUR sisters. Sufferings we are all guilty of , either by direct participation or by our SILENCE. Even whose who were officially designated to assist them did nothing to help out. Everyone is enjoying the booty and pretending /hiding our heads in the sand. Lets us tell the truth and start the HOME WORK…really starting to help them from HOME. You & I know the HOME of 90 % of those ‘my sister’ . Have a nice day.